"The Shape Of Louisiana Commenting On The Shape Of Louisiana", Ogden Museum Of Southern Art, New Orleans,
Jan. thru April, 2012. This exhibition also featured the premier of DiNOLA, the best New Orleans hard rock band, with
"I Want To Die In New Orleans", intertwined with my first instant art event building one piece of LA. art on stage
at the Museum, Jan 21, 2012, titled "My Baser Self Lives Here". with VIDEO and PICS
"Slaven" was just bought to be displayed on the set of the new show on CBS coming out next month, "NCIS-New Orleans"
4 pieces of this art can be seen at a special 'on display' window gallery at Magazine & Gravier, New Orleans.
Large and small pieces at La Madama Gallery, 910 Royal St, and smalls at Downtown Gallery & Tattoo Shop, 503 Frenchmen St
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This series is a commentary on living and breathing in La. post Katrina, BP oil spill, and Edwin's release, but also decades of destruction and decimation of our natural resources by businesses courted by corrupt politics under the disguise of job opportunities and financial survival. Political cannibalism - we're seeing it exponentially after the spill in the form of contamination of the seafood and the truth. But the wonders and cultures of living in La. balances that continuos dumping of toxins in the air and mercury in the life waters with LIFE so full of spirit and soul that most hardly even notice. That is until cancer strikes us all. Oh well, a funeral is a parade also. That's Louisiana... but it's not all that Louisiana is or will be. The shape of Louisiana resonates with the shape of Louisiana, especially the coast. The keys I have found in abundance for years show locking in and the locking out metaphors. My Dad's foldout ruler I broke as a kid keeps coming back to me in the metaphor of the ever present, past, and future question of 'how high?'. I have created my sculptures in my way in my eye for my whole career and have been designated many times by the critics and public, though Cajun, as not 'indigenous' to the area because of the lack of La. tinged aspects of my rockets and assemblages. I am Louisiana, but I am an artist of the whole world also. For this show I have created not a 'giving in' to localized pressure, but a body of work from a lifetime of influence from the region. And it was time, in my own time. So enjoy, comtemplate... and see.

"I Promised Land"
Very personal piece with parts I saved from the flood like my great grandfather's railroad watch, my first rocket's broken mascot, special #'s, rockets, paddles signifying the water and life changing event.

SOLD 49" x 22" x 5"

"WE N.O. (Of Chrome Dreams)"
In coastal solidarity with Japan, which you never hear about anymore just like the glossing over of the BP oil spill... 'everything's fine and back to normal'... Well, it isn't, deep down, especially in a nuclear hot zone. For about a year afterwards, both my wife and I had dreams of coming back to our Katrina inundated house and finding everything beautiful and spotless and chromed.
SOLD 48" x 48" x 11"

"My Nights Of Drunk Driving In The Days Of K&B"
Cyclops self portrait Katrina survivor on a door and a crazy car to illustrate that I am lucky to be alive, having started drinking at 14 growing up in Chalmette.
$5000 78" x 34" x 9"


Being site surveyed for the International House Hotel in New Orleans, but still for sale.

"The Special Typical Louisiana Family Beach" 2011
On loan from the collection of Kathleen Murray Beach
A friend in Metairie, who has brain cancer, asked if I would do a family portrait... She's still here, and so is her love.

NFS - family heirloom 28" x 24" x 3"

"I Missed My Chance To Be Beowulf,
And Became (As Always) Poe"
My regrets and anguish over years because of leaving New Orleans, only to find my better self in the mountains, only to relapse with regret, only to become a greater artist...
$3000 46" x 37" x 8"

Our satirical (Southern) star quality reelected Governor touts his amazing successes and promises to lift the state out of the repressive past by continuing to destroy while building up... see Monsanto; Franklinton paper mill; BP off the REAL hook...
$1000 30" x 21" x 6"
On display and for sale at La Madama Gallery

The after effects of Katrina and 2 wars and corruption smiling in the faces of the populace, balanced by multi religions and spiritualities... Two card tables cut in half and rebuilt. The top, despite the bottom, the bottom despite the top.
SOLD 30" x 30" x 6" (+12" of spout)

"Inter National Guard"
The name says it all... 'NATIONAL' guard... 12 years of war for our homeland troops sent overseas when they could have helped here so much more. Many multiple deployments and we are not even close to being at level with how things were before bombing
SOLD at WYES auction,
New Orleans 2013

42" x 24" x 4"

The flood of violence and violent weapons, but with a everlasting hope of turning it around. The O in 'tons' in the shape of Lake Ponchartrain.

$2000 30" x 34" x 3"

"Greetings From New Orleans -
Building The Future From The Past"
My Father, from New Orleans, took these pictures of JFK on the campaign trail in Grand Rapids, Mich, late 1960 by jumping out in front of the motorcade. My Mother was from the area and they lived there till I was born and then moved back to New Orleans where he became a staff photographer for NASA at the Michoud facility. he had given me the negatives years before Katrina and the negatives and snapshots were stored in my attic and survived. I showed these pics framed 2'x3' at the Grand Rapids Art Museum in late 2010, 50 years to the month and the museum was built on the site of the buildings in the background.
$2500 44" x 28" x 6"
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The fun, the chaos, the unique figures of people seen at Mardi Gras and every day on the street in any town in this state. I did one Mardi Gras with my bike crew at 7 am on the route at the beginning of Zulu, and it was the best ever.

SOLD 18" x 18" x 3"

"Octi-Pado" 2011
All the places I've lived; personal items like my Chalmette Junior Achievement jacket I wore to an Indiana convention when I was 14; growing up at bowling alleys, etc. 48" x 42" x 5"
Donated to Chalmette High School for inspiration for the next generation. My alma mater but my family moved to Folsom at the end of my Junior year and I had to graduate from Covington High. I credit my art classes in all Chalmette schools for wence I came from as an artist. Thanks.

"The La. Family Farm"
About La. and Angola past...and underlying present... the politicians of the state wheeling and dealing in their fat cat cars using an old mechanic's creeper. Electrical parts for executions. One big metaphor, 50 small ones.
#3 in the series

$3000 42" x 41" x 6"

"Make A Alligator To Make
A Buck... To Make A Point"
I can do indigenous La. art with the best of them... if I want to. I was told my whole rocket career 'where's the magnolias (etc.)?' Get the point? This is my first alligator, and unknown to me when built, ponted out by viewers, also my first pelican!!! The subconscince is a wonderful thing.

$3000 36" x 29" x 4"
On display and for sale at La Madama Gallery

"Black Cat Fish"
(it's not black catfish)... It's the Kingfish, and the blackness of past and present politics running downstream blackness of runoff of our waterways into the Gulf and the coast as well as the every year threat of more hurricanes pushing the oil industry back into the coast and tributaries.


"GOOD To See You"
The balance of religion in La. and the world, tinged with the locale of La. and one of it's most reverred and reviled showing the Way, and the way it is business. Old chest of drawers sides with peeling paint, rulers, Delta Queen plaque, cotton bale hook, rat traps, bones, Swaggert under glass

"Agua De La Muerte"
"Water Of Death", La. covered in black duct tape with old lead solder trailing rivers and tributaries representing the contamination of mercury and other deadly chemicals throughout the state, and the state's willingness to keep polluting in pursuit of business.

$500 24" x 24" x 3"
On display and for sale at La Madama Gallery

"Slaven, La. - The Line And The Plug"
I-10 as the line that will be the coast one day and shrunken solemn head as history and silent witness of the Jena 6, past and future. #2 in the series

SOLD 19" x 21" x 7"

See it on NCIS - New Orleans Tuesday nights on CBS

"Pilot - Pontius' Politics' Protracted"
Just as Pilate washed his hands, I see our monolithic ineffectual pilot washing his hands of the oil spill, and wash it off the minds of everyone... except the people in La.

$5000 7.5' tall

Leave it all to Jesus, he knows and fixes it... but is that a copout? The balance of will and fates concerning life in La., and barbed wire as the cost of actions or inaction.

SOLD 44" x 33" x 3"

"Not Indian Enough"
I have Tunica-Biloxi (up by Marksville, La.) tribe blood on my Dad's side, but have been told they aren't taking new members, and since I haven't been paying tribe dues since I was born, I'm not Indian enough for them. But I have the passion for western native culture and geography, thus the angle to where I live now.

$1500 30" x 30" x 3"

"Galvanized Evacuation"
Whether you are evacuating, or being evacuated thru, we're all one, and in this together, despite the actions and animosity of contraflows.

SOLD 27" x 27" x 6"

"Fresh Oil and Loose Gravel"
La. in rusty nails and resin, showing the political chicanery spouted while protecting oil interests, insulting the intelligence of those affected.

SOLD 22" x 17" x 3"

"S-Hell Beach"
55 gal. oil drum head with dental probes crown and skull from the Visible Woman kit from the 50's. 2 hunters with guns cut off getting the helping hands of the entity who is destroying, Resistors ring the bottom as deniers and profiteers circle the outer edges fishing for more corrupt opportunities.

SOLD 24" x 24" x 3"

"You Skewed, But Not Irreparable"
An old wavy cabinet mirror with La. tinged parts around, and a small tray for votives, giving both the profile of being broken and everyone and everything's potential to come out of it

SOLD 34" x 22" x 2"

"Drowning Desdemona"
This was my first commissioned piece after Katrina for the man in Philly who came up with the phrase "Re-New Orleans". He requested the darkness of the dark times, and this is the first time it's been shown in
New Orleans. It is the only vacuum cleaner I pulled out of my flooded shop, and has the bitter spike of truth inserted.

SOLD 60" x 36" x 18"

"Parting (with) The Sea"
An old Milnor (out in Kenner, but found in Colorado) heavy duty washing machine door with Camellia bean bags that I actually cooked over the years after leaving New Orleans

SOLD 36" x 36" x 4"

"Eye Ball, You Ball, We All Bawl"
1st in the series, Spring 2006, where I had to get the emotions out of me regarding the unbelievable corruption, violence, and incompetence of the horrid event, and then get this piece out of my new home.

SOLD #1 in the series

Collection Of Adele Borie 24" x 20" x 4"

"De LA. Debris, C'est LA. Vie"
14" La. assemblages covered in resin with a jello mold and flicker flame or nite-light at New Orleans. $150 each,
see al new available ones at Downtown Gallery & Tattoo Shop & La Madama Gallery