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"Lux 8 Racer"
50's Electrolux vac, made to fly! 4 frontside flicker flames and red lit globe in back. Can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on astro-hairdresser-stand that still pumps up!

"Woody Guthrie Was Born In The U.S.A."

1976 thermos on washboard with bowling trophies. 6 flicker flames leading to 8-ball

2'x3'x10" SOLD

"VTR Plutonic Holiday Player"

60's thermos, 4 top flicker flames in jello molds

3'x2'x8" $1500

"VTR Fire Socket
Rocket 600"

Side flicker flame rocket engines, full house cloth patch



VTR Universal Deluxe Rocketship, 1999


"VFR Big Beam Deluxe Flashlight Rocketship"


"The Buck Gordon Flash Rogers Deluxe Time Machine Rocketship"

Aluminum nosecone with motorcycle wings, tall antenna, rotatable front fins and numbers

6'x5'x3' $5000

"VR Red Lionfish Deluxe Rocketship"

Hamilton vac with store fixture wings, chrome top fin, hood ornament, 6 lower flicker flames and gooseneck flicker. Can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on astro-stand. 6'x4'x3' $3500

"The Deluxe Spray-It
Fire Rocketship"

YouTube in action!
#1 #2 #3 #4

6'x6'x3' $10,000

"A Drop Of Soul"
B/W Kenmore vac with 'spike of truth', hole in heart winged victory, and hung by chains on firewood stand.

5'x5'x5' $5000

"The Steam Plant"
Kinetic in the breeze, adjustable.Art On The Streets, on loan Westminster, CO. but for sale too.

8'x8'x8' $5000

"Reverse Prometheus"
12'x5'x3' $25,000
Installed for Art For the Mountain Community, Evergreen, CO. trailside at the Buchanan Rec Center. 12' tall, on steam radiators. On loan thru June 2015 (for sale)

"Platinum Blond Lover"

3'x18"x12" $2000

"Nuevo Ich Bin Ein, 2009"
Snapshots of JFK on the campaign trail in Grand Rapids, Mich, 1960... actual Katrina survivors in the attic!
JFK pictures link

"Greetings From New Orleans - Building The Future From The Past, JFK in Grand Rapids, 1960" Actual Katrina survivors in a suitcase in the attic!
JFK pictures link

"TelStar Thunderbird"
With teepee and toppers, and steam radiators as ballast, 10'x10'10' $7500

"Thug Evolves Into Indian Chief, With Redwing Blackbirds"

$500 27"x18"x2"

"Thug Evolves Into Indian Chief, With Faith"

$500 23"x16"x4"

"Thug Evolves Into Indian Wildman,
In The Woods"

$500 29"x18"x3"


$500 18"x4"x8"


3'x18"x6" $1000

"Jah, Hepmysef, Hepmemuch" (Sioux)

4'x4'x10" $5000

"Hopi Vacation"

3'x3'x4" $3500

"Jah, Mercy, Merci" (Lakota)

3'x2'x10" $2000

"Jefe Con Jefe"

My work drill board as background.

10"x8"x3" $500

"Apache Healing Woman"

My work drill board as background, with store door bell spring, makes cool chime.


"You Missed (IT)"

My work drill board as background. with spaceman and shell casings

8"x4"x2" $250

"Kut Of The Kewa"

School desk top with Santa Domingo type thunderbirds

2'x1'x4" $500

"The Appex Of Stubborninity"

Old shot bag mule, iron ears, on Amarillo Pepsi crate/box



"JATO" 20"x12"x3" $1500


18"x16"x4" $1000


18"x16"x3" $750

"This Train"
Built onstage with 2 art podners and company in Salida, CO, June 29, 2013. 4'hx13'wx4"deep, all chained together in one huge performance sculpture. $5000

Engine by Jimmy Descant

Passenger car by Mark 'Eyeball' Kneeskern, RIP

Caboose by Brinkley Messick