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Intention - Statement

Freestanding >>>>>>>>

"Chief 4's Of 8's"
The Great Cheyenne -
Dog Soldier/Self Portrait

7'x32"x6" $8500
+ shipping/delivery - about 250 lb.
Bolted to a wall, or freestanding

BEST OF SHOW winner,
"Shock Of The New West" 2020,
Tubac Center for the Arts
San Diego Museum of Art 2023

My vision started with a search for a door, and I wanted to use the best parts that I brought to Tucson. The door came thru the Universe, the full size warrior came thru inspiration. There are plenty instances of 4's and 8's throughout. It has a real heavy duty hanging wire on back, and has side legs so it can be freestanding. Severe weight in size and metaphor!

"King Rattle Back"

24"x42"x2" $1500

With found objects symbolism in resin on a vacuum cleaner attachment panel. Plywood background, in frame, with shot up found metal. With a real snake rattle. This badass soulful roadkill victim was laid out in my yard - flattened and dried for a year in the desert before achieving it's destiny as framed art.

“Rattlesnake Stampede”
52”x16”x5” 60 lbs.
29 saw handle steer heads, vintage rusted tractor crankshaft, on old cedar robe door. Stylized abstract badass rattlesnake imagery with Southern and Western lore galore. HEAVY!

"Rattlesnake Shake"
8'x2'x4" 100 lb $7500
+ shipping/deliveryFree standing or wall hanging. Currently installed in the on loan prgram in Moab, UT till 9/24, but for sale. Badass dripping soulful Southern blues imagery, and Western dicotomy of flora/fauna juxtaposed with western expansion industrialism by aluminum anodized picture frame corner samples and other metal. About 300 screws attaching.

"Red American America"
$5000 6'x2'x5" 70 lb.

This Indian warrior is a mix of Western and Mardi Gras Indians, with 50 small metaphors and 1 big one! The expansion of the West and American manufacturing products, used to depict the cause, effect, and consequences. Started with an old store sign that had a red arrow on it, and layered plenty on! Spinning shoulder and boot spurs!

“Chief Thozi -
Protection Totem"
$5000 8'x18"x5" 80 lb.
Towering totem of found objects on vintage patinaed panel, with decoupage of an impovershed family at the bottom, in a hogan. The rake guards, doesn't imprison - and the hatchets point out, protecting the family and the 21st century.

"Chief Thunderbird"
$5000 10'x10'x3' about 750 lb.
*NOW living at THC in Salida, CO., but for sale! Now has a REALLY rough and weathered patina, so you get a deal on it!
All found and free wood, starting with pallets, all screwed and nailed together. This monster T-Bird stands watch with roaring mouth and bowling ball/cue ball eyes; and steam iron metaphors of pressures and heat for Native Americans in a new world.

“Pull Back - To Fly"
$2500 8'x2'x4"
Aluminum diamond plate panels, front and back, with salvaged aluminum picture frame sample corners. 424 screws attaching! About 80 lb

"Chief Eye-Heart-Gut,
Archer Of The West"

$30,000 10'x6'x3' about 350 lb.
This abstract Indian archer shows the 'heartline' of Natives and species, with a strength of feeling and intent.

"The Strength Of The Sky"
10'x3'x3' 500 lb. $15,000

2 steam radiators base, found object construction rocketship, with 12" tall interior Indian Chief mascot, as Native strength, potential, and ascension.

“Gold, In Silver"
Deluxe Vacuum Rocketship - SOLD

“Blue Pearl"
Deluxe Vacuum Rocketship - SOLD

“ReFuel Drill Rocket"
Deluxe Vacuum Rocketship - SOLD

“A Drop Of Soul"
Deluxe Vacuum Rocketship - SOLD

"JFK As An Indian" #1
2'x3' matted prints of my Father's 1960 photos of Senator Kennedy.
Shown at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, 2010, 50th anniversary of when my Dad took the pictures on the street. I raise JFK from the dead to the level of Indian Chief, showing what his tribe did to many indigenous peoples, they also did to him.

See all in this series at
JFK pictures link

"JFK As An Indian" #3

Last available in this series!

30"x40"x4" $2500

“Chief LTD"
$500 26"x17"x4"
Vintage decoupage board background, badass Mardi Gras Indian chief

“Custom built Cowboy/Rocket Bike"